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Fifty odd years ago a handful of students sat down at a segregated lunch counter in North Carolina.  They were few in number. They faced impossible odds; a population steeped in violent racist traditions, a hostile police force, a repressive government, a system of laws meant to deny them justice.  Gangs of sadistic thugs were unleashed and allowed to beat them. As the police threw them chained and bleeding into the wagons they watched the next group of students take the seats they had occupied. They were crammed into small cells where they sang anthems of freedom through the bars to their jailers. And when they were released because the jails couldn't hold them all they went back and took their seats again. And they kept on going back to that counter until they won.  Their only weapon was their courage to adhere to their convictions: a non-violent resolve while under the hammer of brutality and an unblemished commitment to social justice in a sewer of bigotry.

This is how social movements begin. Small at first. Little people without the trappings of power wielding a big truth without compromise; the black who stayed seated on the white bus; the woman who stands up and says, "I am  
not your property. I am more than breeding cattle"; the soldier who refuses to pull the trigger.
And despite the attempts of the powerbrokers to isolate them, turn them into pariahs, distort and repress their ideas others will see that truth.  Perhaps only 10 in 100 will see through the veil of lies at first. And only 1 of those 10 will act on his convictions. But that 1 will lift the veil for 10 more and 10 more until the truth can not be hidden. And the truth is always the same - Our leaders get their power from our willingness to obey them. When enough of us stop agreeing to follow they can't lead.

The Green Party is at the crossroads.  Our new party status offers you a chance to build a popular progressive alternative to the corporate power structure. Ask yourself if the party you follow is really acting in accord with your convictions or just telling you what you want to hear and then doing something else.  Nurture those values that you believe in.  Become a Green and vote Jill Stein for President this November.  
Dr. Jill Stein - Green Party Candidate for President
Gar Alperovitz - Green Party Convention Keynote Speaker
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