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Information and Research

 Peer Reveiwed Sources

Information that has been examined and evaluated by the scientific community

Earthworks is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment from the impacts of irresponsible mineral and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions.
  Earthworks stands for clean water, healthy communities and corporate accountability. We’re working for solutions that protect both the Earth’s resources as well as our communities.

Physicians Scientists and Engineers for Healthy Energy 

PSE is dedicated to supplying vetted, evidence-based, scientific information and resources on unconventional gas development (high-volume hydrofracking) and other novel energy production methods. PSE's mission is to bring transparency to the important public policy issues surrounding such methods, helping to level the playing field for citizens, advocacy groups, media, policy-makers and politicians.

Think Tanks

Energy Policy Forum

America has come to a crossroads with regard to energy. Should we rely heavily on natural gas? Or should we use natural gas as a bridge fuel to alternative forms of power such as wind, nuclear and solar.

Energy Policy Forum was launched by Deborah Rogers to address these timely questions. An open dialogue about the development of domestic energy resources including solutions and potential problems and pitfalls is both timely and much needed. This is not a site dedicated to the interests of one industry but is dedicated instead to examining the facts, extracting the fiction and promoting meaningful dialogue on emerging policy issues. 

Data and Records


FracFocus is the national hydraulic fracturing chemical registry.

FracFocus is managed by the Ground Water Protection Council and Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, two organizations whose missions both revolve around conservation and environmental protection.

The site was created to provide the public access to reported chemicals used for hydraulic fracturing within their area. To help users put this information into perspective, the site also provides objective information on hydraulic fracturing, the chemicals used, the purposes they serve and the means by which groundwater is protected.

The primary purpose of this site is to provide factual information concerning hydraulic fracturing and groundwater protection.  It is not intended to argue either for or against the use of hydraulic fracturing as a technology.  It is also not intended to provide a scientific analysis of risk associated with hydraulic fracturing.


Interactive Well Maps for Ohio

Posted by JMISMAS at Community Walk


Plunderbund is a political blog focusing on Ohio and national politics. The link below will take you to their interactive data base on waste water disposal wells.

Maps and Data on Injection Wells in Ohio

Innovation Ohio Fracking Resources

As a companion to our February 2, 2012 report on oil and gas drilling in Ohio, “Fracking, Fairness and the Future,” below are a number of resources for those wishing to learn more about the industry in Ohio.


Fracking News in Ohio

The Youngstown Vindicator

Welcome to the Fracking page, the Mahoning Valley's home for the latest news and information about the natural oil and gas drilling industry.


NEOGAP is organized to educate, empower, and advocate for the citizens of Ohio who are facing threats to health, safety, and property rights posed by oil and gas development.

Current events related to geology in Ohio

News Online


ProPublica is an independent, non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism in the public interest. They are  recipients of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting and a 2010 Pulitzer Prize in Investigative Reporting.

Current events related to Oil and Gas development.

The Akron Beacon Journal Online

Gas Rush - Fracking in Depth

A Compilation of great articles and sources by

Catskill Citizens - Newsroom

Up to date wide-ranging news and developments.

Activist Websites

Ohio Organizations

Stewards of the Land

Stewards of the Land is a grass roots group of Knox County area residents who meet monthly to discuss the impact of shale gas development on the community.   We host educational meetings featuring presentations by guests and experts followed by discussions and comments from the audience.  Join us.

For information on Stewards of the Land

phone 740-599-7924
or email

Ohio Fracktion

Ohio Fracktion is a network of individuals interested in supporting community battles against fracking in Ohio. We are available to provide organizing and action workshops and document the effects of fracking on those who are impacted.

Ohio Citizen Action

Ohio Citizen Action is 80,000 members who have joined together to prevent pollution. Non-profit and non-partisan, Ohio Citizen Action was founded in 1975.

Ohio Citizen Action practices door-to-door democracy across the state. We combine original, news-making research and an extraordinary ability to stay in touch with members door-to-door and on the phone. Citizen Action members make the most of whatever time they can spare: signing petitions, writing letters, making phone calls, talking to neighbors, posting yard signs, or speaking out at community meetings.

The Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water

The Southeast Ohio Alliance to Save Our Water is committed to preserving clean water and to pre-empting possible environmental degradation while establishing accountability on behalf of those who may be detrimentally affected and deserve compensation if their water and quality of life are adversely affected by hydraulic fracturing activities, including injection wells and waste disposal, which also includes the spreading of “brine” (frack waste) on public roadways.

Task Ohio

We are students, parents, faculty, neighbors, public officials and industry representatives who believe in Taking Action and Spreading Knowledge about social and environmental issues, both locally, nationally, and globally.
Our first task is to stop horizontal hydraulic fracturing here in Ohio


NEOGAP is organized to educate, empower, and advocate for the citizens of Ohio who are facing threats to health, safety, and property rights posed by oil and gas development.


SD-FRAC, (Slow Down Fracking in Athens County), is a group of concerned citizens in Athens County with the goal to inform about fracking, to encourage public discussion about fracking in Athens County, and to build a coalition of citizens in support of a moratorium on fracking until proper regulation is in place and better knowledge about the risks and benefits of fracking is available.

Concerned Citizens of Medina County

Concerned Citizens of Medina County was organized to educate the public about the dangers of Slick Water High Volume Industrialized Hydraulic Fracturing and the threats to our health, safety, and property rights.

State and National Organizations is building a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. Our online campaigns, grassroots organizing, and mass public actions are led from the bottom up by thousands of volunteer organizers in over 188 countries. 350 means climate safety. To preserve our planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 392 parts per million to below 350 ppm. But 350 is more than a number—it's a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

The Center for Health, Environment & Justice

The Center for Health, Environment & Justice (CHEJ) empowers people to build healthy communities and prevent harm to human health caused by exposure to environmental threats.

We work with local leaders, either in their communities or over the phone, and help them to identify the problems they are facing – problems like leaking landfills, polluted drinking water, incinerators and hazardous waste sites – and let them find the paths toward change. We help community groups research the extent of a problem, break it down into manageable “action steps,” and then develop the leadership skills and knowledge needed to be able to carry out those steps, one by one.

Catskill Citizens - Links

An informative website with a comprehensive link page.

The Buckeye Forest Council

The Buckeye Forest Council (BFC) is a membership-based, grassroots organization dedicated to protecting Ohio’s native forests and their inhabitants. The BFC uses education, advocacy and organizing to address the need for forest preservation and low-impact recreation over logging and resource extraction.  We seek to instill in Ohioans a sense of personal connection to and responsibility for Ohio's native forests and to challenge the exploitation of land, wildlife and people.


New York Residents Against Drilling (NYRAD) is a grassroots network of local residents who are opposed to unconventional gas development in New York State.


Frack Action is engaged in a long-term campaign to protect our water, air and public health from the dangerous practice of hydraulic fracturing.  By raising awareness and empowering the public to organize in defense of their communities, we seek to expose the false claims of the gas industry and mobilize a citizen movement to protect our health and our future.

Shaleshock is a website serving Shaleshock Regional Groups and Resources. We keep this site updated with announcements and event listings. The main purpose and goal of this site is to help you find what you are looking for and help you get involved.


GDACC (Gas Drilling Awareness for Cortland County) is a group of residents who are concerned about gas drilling and its potential impacts on our community, health and environment.

Our goal is to educate ourselves and the community about gas drilling, and to promote a safe and clean environment.
Contact us with questions, etc. at

We Are Powershift

Join the conversation on how we can stop fracking and works towards a truly 100% clean energy economy.