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 At 6:00pm tomorrow there will be an important meeting on the Solid Waste/Permit to install at the New Matamoras Elementary School in Washington County.  I know informational meetings can be gross displays of industry propaganda, and this one will be rife with it, but this is the ONLY OPPORTUNITY THAT CITIZENS WILL HAVE TO ASK QUESTIONS WHERE INDUSTRY IS REQUIRED BY LAW TO RESPOND.

There is supposed to be a court reporter present to produce a transcript, but you never know what can happen - tape didn't work, equipment failed, we only print a transcript if there's litigation, you name it.
So, I'm trying to find someone who would also come to the meeting who has the capability to make a video recording.  Any takers?

If you can't make it to this meeting, don't let that stop you from submitting questions.
Please look at the attached permit applications.  If you send questions to me that can be printed out and read, as well as submitted in writing, with your contact, I will make sure this happens.  (Request a written response from Weavertown in whatever questions you send).

The OEPA said that they expect this permit application to be deemed complete in roughly  6 months.  I requested a public hearing - but they are not like the ODNR, there will be a hearing.
If the attachments won't come through on the list serve, shoot me an e-mail individually, and I will see that you get them directly.  I don't know that any websites will be able to get them up to where you can read them before the meeting at 6:00pm.

I can't stress enough how important this meeting is, and citizen input.

If this facility is allowed to be built, it will be accepting interstate fracking, power plant, industrial, chemical, biological, pharmaceutical, sewage waste and more.  See the enclosed list.  They will be hauling it through our drinking water by barge to this facility, for trucks to finish transport.  Anyone living near a landfill, an injection well, living along the transportation route the trucks will take to get the waste there, or has drinking water located near any of the above stands to be impacted.

Sorry it took time to get this to you, but I came across the permit completely by accident when I was researching Green Hunter, and have been pretty heavily buried working on the permits and injection well rules.  It is no accident that industry is trying to hit us from all sides simultaneously.
It is what it is.  Hope you can look at it and submit questions. There is no doubt that you will think of things that I or someone else would not.

Elisa Young

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